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curly-organicThe westside salon that specializes in hair color is “Going Green”, the country’s current movement and it is here to stay. Start with something that makes you feel earth friendly and look great too. The color specialists at the Rainbow Room Salon have the perfect solution: Organic Hair Color. Say goodbye to that irritating itch on your scalp and unbearable smell of ammonia fumes. Most color lines release a toxic ammonia gas that is irritating and drying to the hair and scalp. Fortunately, the Organic Color System is not one of those lines, it is ammonia free. Experience the same rich tones and lasting, shiny color for that young, healthy hair look. “Our clients notice the dramatic improvement in the quality of their hair and lack of chemical scent.”

Allergic To Haircolor?

Does your scalp get itchy and red , your eyes get watery and sting when you get hair color? You may not be allergic to hair color only the ammonia it contains. Organic Hair color contains no ammonia . Organic hair color is ammonia free , leaving the hair glossier than ever before. The color choices are from brown hair to beautiful blonde hair color along with natural red hair. There are many hair color pictures to choose from.

The organic hair color, from Organic Color Systems–which is FDA-approved, containing certified organic ingredients–produces excellent, salon-quality results, while conserving the structural integrity of the hair. The UK-based company produces long-lasting, ammonia-free colors that support a natural color approach to treating hair.

Our organic ingredients have been certified by the Soil Association which is the UK’s leading campaigning and certification organization for organic food and farming. Please click to download a pdf of the full list of Organic Color Systems ingredients.

“The best thing about organic color is what’s left out,” says Wendy Kamm, owner of Rainbow Room Color Salon. “I’m using organic color about 95% of the time, and the clients just love it,” she adds.

What’s not to love? Organic color is: non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, predictable, causes no scalp stinging and no skin staining. It’s perfect for pregnant women, and great for those with allergies or damaged hair. All this, and it preserves the life, richness and shine of hair, and even has greater staying power than ammonia or ammonia-substitute-based alternatives. The fade factor is virtually eliminated, and it covers grey beautifully.

And don’t believe everything you read. Many products advertise low-ammonia formulations, but there has never been a hair-color solution that bypasses the use of ammonia entirely until now. Even vegetable-based hair color has chemical additives, so even if a product says that it’s “all natural,” that doesn’t mean it’s “organic.”

“Organic color is especially great for clients that are pregnant, or for those with very sensitive skin,” says Ms. Kamm. “Organic color is much easier on the integrity of the hair. From blondes to reds, and rich chocolates to grey coverage, you’ll get the shine you’ve been looking for. It’s all about the shine,” she adds.

Organic Haircolor

“The best thing about Organic Hair Color is what we leave out. No ammonia., no fumes ,no burn or itch, no damage. Just beautiful color and healthier hair.”

Organic Color Systems

The original objective from the company that researched and developed Organic Color Systems was to develop a hair color formula as natural and effective as possible. The goal was to produce professional results while maintaining both the integrity of the hair and the safety of the client and hairdresser.Thus, ammonia hydroxide needed to be removed. After five years and with a substantial financial investment, this objective has finally been achieved. Organic Color Systems has been used by European hairdressers for over 12 years and is now used in over 30 countries around the world. We are confident your experience will be a pleasant one.

Why go to that much trouble to get ammonia out of the formula?

The simple answer is this- ammonia is corrosive to the hair and toxic to the environment. Ammonia has a negative effect on the bronchial system. Recent research has found that 50%-60% of clients suffer from negative effects of ammonia based colors. Each complaint is individual and varies from slight to severe. Some of these include headaches, foggy feeling, nausea, etc.

What does this mean to the client?

Clients no longer have to suffer scalp stinging, itching, burning or staining. The salon environment is more pleasurable and the hair looks and feels more like natural hair. The colors have a greatly reduced fade factor so this means the client can enjoy the color tone longer which equates to better value and enjoyment. For the clients that like changing their look more often the opportunity is increased. Since the cuticle (the outside layer of the hair) is basically returned to its original position, the hair has better shine and looks more natural. There are unpleasant chemical smells while the service is being performed.

Organic Hair Color offers a complete line of color choices as well as complete grey coverage. Weather you are looking for shiny blonde highlights, rich tones of fall or to cover a little grey hair, this is the answer .

What is the catch? There isn’t one. Go organic with your hair color , call the Rainbow Room Salon for a free consultation.


Customer Comments on Organic Color

Blayze Burness

I've never had as many compliments on my hair as I get now. I have baby-fine, thin hair. I've always colored my hair for fashion reasons. But I've always been restricted on the number of times I could color my hair because of the damage to the hair. With Organic Color...

Felicia Medlock

I was ready to chop it all off. I have had my hair colored with Organic Color Systems for the second time and I now have beautiful, shiny, soft hair. My hair was dry, damaged and fading badly into a reddish copper penny color. Uck! I had bad hair days every day. I had...

Chrissy Vicente

No bad smells, no watery eyes or irritated nose. I am so happy with how beautiful my color has turned out! It is absolutely gorgeous! The process of getting my hair colored was so much more enjoyable. No bad smells, no watery eyes or irritated nose. Getting (becoming)...